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Witchinour is a top-down, bullet hell cute 'em up with an emphasis on playing fast, inspired by games like Nuclear Throne, Vampire of the Sands, and Risk of Rain.

You play as Nour, a witch in training who lost her spell book while exploring a dungeon. You'll have to dodge, shoot, cast, and upgrade your way through the dungeon's randomized floors to get it back, but don't take it easy... the dungeon will become more alert as you make your way downwards, making enemies fiercer and unraveling the environment; clear floors quickly to keep your alert level in check!


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Can it be played with mouse and keyboard? or just keyboard?

Yes! I really enjoy this game, it combines my twofavourite things, witches and twinstick shooting! It has fairly short loop (15 min? ish? once you get the hang of it), but the powerups and enemy variation keep it fresh. I fire it up every week or so for a quick blast. My favourite witch is the sniper witch!

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Thanks! I'm always flattered when someone tells me they like Witchinour ^_^;;

I'm actually working on two projects right now, but neither of them are able to be revealed yet...

I'm having trouble getting the special abilities to work consistently. The button is bound to the Shift key, but it only seems to work when I right click, and I cannot right click consistently with my touch pad.

I tried rebinding to E, but I had the same trouble: the ability seemed to be mapped to right click in spite of what the options said.

I also don't know why, when I have full MP and I don't see the cool-down timer, I get a sound effect indicating that I cannot use the special ability at that time.

The result is either I don't use special abilities or I die trying to fiddle around to make them work. I'm running Windows 10.

The game's been fun otherwise. Just confused by this one aspect.

Hey! Sorry for not checking this in a few days. The only spells that should be able to trigger the "oops" sound effect when you press the cast button and are Blink, when you're targeting somewhere that you can't teleport to (walls and outside the map) and Adrenaline Rush, once you've already used it.

Is there maybe a mix up going on here with spells and outfit abilities? On the in-game UI, the left icon in the bottom-left is your currently selected spell and the right icon is your outfit ability. By default, right mouse casts the spell you have selected and shift uses your outfit ability. I only bring this up because you mentioned both abilities and MP. Could you test it with that in mind and let me know what happens? I've played the game on a handful of OSes and input methods just to test stuff (touch pad included, although it's designed around keyboard/mouse and gamepad) and I haven't encountered any input errors like what you're describing so hopefully it's just a matter of me not conveying things well enough in-game. If it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll continue to try to help you get it working!