Patch 1.3 - Fall Fashion

A small but effective patch. Here's what's inside:

  • Two new outfits have been added (and are unlocked by default):
    • Ranger's Garb: allows you to duck into stealth for 10 seconds, destroying all enemy bullets in the process
    • Pumpkinour: allows you to drop candy-coated caltrops that trap enemies (you can have a maximum of two sets out at the same time)
  • Enemies can no longer be spawned at any point where they have a line of sight to the player. This should drastically lower the chances that you start a floor in a dangerous position.
  • The invicibility frame bonus from the Hardbody upgrade has been doubled
  • Enemies now lose their speed after colliding with the player
  • Fixed a bug that was affecting muzzle flash position when firing with the mouse close to the player


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Oct 06, 2017

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