Patch 1.6

  • Witchinour's base resolution has been increased
  • The game's old camera implementation has been replaced with a static camera
  • Analog aiming has been improved
  • Analog movement has been improved
  • Crosshair visibility has been improved
  • Reworked map generation
    • The base minimum and maximum map size has been increased slightly
    • The increase to map size based on how far into the game the player is has been increased
    • Maps generated now have a much lower chance to contain long, narrow paths
    • Enemy spawning has been changed to reduce the chance that the player starts in an unsafe situation
  • Pause screen is now transparent
  • Default player movement is less slippery now, making Fancy Footwook less of a must-have upgrade
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the player's wand to be rendered at the wrong depth in controller mode
  • Fixed a visual issue with the game over and area name HUD text


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Oct 10, 2018

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