Patch 1.66

  • Gamepad controls are now rebindable in the options menu
  • Input is no longer required to switch between keyboard + mouse and gamepad, simply use whatever!
  • Gamepad crosshair distance has been increased (good for aiming Blink!)
  • Added some shadows here and there
  • Floor tiles that become corrupted now have a chance to look more... lively
  • Enemy hit and death sounds now have randomized pitch
  • Enemy hit sounds no longer stack meaning hitting all of your shots at high level will no longer drown out other sounds
  • Boss health is now capped which should make bosses on high loops easier to survive
  • Pirate Costume's hook is now 50% larger and slows enemies for 3 seconds on contact
  • Feral Armor's ability is now usable at max mana, gives the player a 25% damage boost for 8 seconds, and has a lower cooldown when the player receives no mana from it
  • The bullets spawned by Blink are now faster and have some variability to their direction


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Jul 10, 2019

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